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Buff Monster x Montana – Signed Artist Edition – Power Pink Spray Cans

Buff Monster recently collaborated spray can/paint maker Montana on a cool Artist Edition Black series release. The Buff Monster Artist Edition “Power Pink” Montana Black Can celebrates the artist early grafitti days. The Power Pink can features a signature from Buff Monster on the back. The cans have already sold out when they were made available at the end of February….too late ya’ll!

Buff Monster x Montana power pink Signed Artist Edition
About the Buff Monster x Montana Power Pink collabo!
“MONTANA-CANS has the best pinks on the market so it was natural I’d collaborate with them on a can of spray paint. I’ve been saying that “Pink Is Power” for well over a decade now and it’s fitting that MONTANA-CANS makes a color called “Power Pink.” The artwork for the can was originally drawn by hand (with a brush, as usual) and then it was carefully colored on the computer. Although it might be hard to see in the photos, I let as much of the silver of the metal can show through the design.” ~Buff Monster
buff monster montana power pink
About Buff Monster:
“Buff Monster lives and works in New York City. He’s a tireless worker, often citing heavy metal music, ice cream, Pop art, Japanese Culture and graffiti as major influences. His meticulously executed paintings have been shown in galleries around the world; one painting hangs in the Bristol City Museum as part of their permanent collection. He’s also created a variety of limited edition collectibles including vinyl and resin toys, prints, shirts, stickers and two series of his ambitious trading cards/stickers called The Melty Misfits. He’s worked with some of the most recognizable brands such as Disney, Converse, Hello Kitty, Samsung, Nike, Coca-Cola and others. He’s created work in the streets for over 15 years. In 2015, Jeffrey Deitch asked him to participate in a mural project in Coney Island. He’s included in Banksy’s Oscar-nominated documentary: Exit Through the Gift Shop. And along the way, he’s cultivated an impressive social media following.”

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