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Video: Playtime Edventures, Kevin Gatlin

Kevin Gatlin owner of Playtime Edventures gave Crazy Al Cayne a look at the Playtime Bed Sheets for kids at Toy Fair NY. These sheets feature over 30 interactive games for kid/families to enjoy. Playtime Bed Sheets feature bright colors and include games like Checkers, Chess, Bowling and Tic Tac Toe. There’s also educational features and exciting visuals that are ideal for your child’s learning and development. The sheet come in a version for boys and a version for girls. Even the pillows have a fun interactive story making feature that encourages kids to create their very own stories. In the Video Kevin and Crazy Al make up their own story using one of the story starter on the pillow

About Playtime Edventures:

The mission behind creating Playtime EDventures LLC was to foster an environment that encourages natural stimulation by pulling the child away from TV and adult radio. Instead, our goal is to turn their focus toward interactive activities while in their room or while traveling in the car. We believe this enhances their creativity and promotes healthy attitudes around learning.

Playtime EDventures LLC curriculum has been designed in close collaboration with nationally recognized early childhood education experts and professionals. We are deeply grateful to our fabulous team of educators and professionals who are helping to build an outstanding educational resource for children all over the word! Our toys incorporate standard curriculum’s in reading, math, geography, art, music, nutrition and much more. Playtime EDventures LLC is introducing a fresh approach to entertainment that encourages children to play and learn.

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