SE Bike Big Ripper 2017

WHAT?!?WHAT?!? LOLLOL DopeDope Love ItLove It OH SNAP!OH SNAP! Why!Why!

2017 SE Bikes “Big Flyer” Coming In Two Colorways

SE Bikes is kicking off the season with some 29″ BMX complete dopeness with the 2017 Big Flyer!! The bikes are coming in two vibrant colorways Black/Blue/Orange and Red/Yellow/Black. The bikes come with a dope Se Bikes pad set, numberplate, rear peg, landing gear forks and Vee Tires. The brand is claiming that this bike “Wheelies like a dream” and with the squad of wheelies masters riding for SE Bike, you already know that’s a fact! You can get your hands on one of these bad boy’s for only $549 MSRP Complete…..Nice!!
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