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Oddisee Performs “Like Really” On A COLORS SHOW

Supa emcee/producer Oddisee performs “Like Really” with a live band On a show called A COLORS SHOW. “Like Really” is one of the best tracks off the socially conscious emcee’s highly acclaimed album “The Iceberg”.  Oddisee continues to create classic HipHop moments with every project he works one and this live performance is another great addition to his stellar profile!

About Colors Berlin
Music is the most accessible art form there is. It binds things together. People, cultures, ideas, emotions. It influences and catalyses everything around us.
In a highly fragmented and democratized musical landscape genres only have little boundaries and often fade into one another. Just like colors do. Our attention goes to everything that has got soul – from hip hop to indie, electronic, r&b and pop.
We created COLORS to give artists the chance to present themselves and their work on a contemporary platform.

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