Kiefer - Tubesocks

Kiefer – Tubesocks – Boom Bap Instrumental (@Kiefer_on_Keys)

L.A based HipHop producer Kiefer dropped a smooth, neck cracking, boom bap instrumental called “Tubesocks”. The slow tempo track features a dirty, drum kit with some reverb effects on the kick and snare. A little guitar note loops throughout the main beat as the main driver. A nice bass line accompany’s the guitar but the musical dopeness really comes into play when Kiefer plays those piano keys.

Visually, director Ruff Mercy when the hypnotic route with a kaleidoscope of images of Kiefer boping is head to the beat. We’re diggin this one, definitely one to put on a repeat!

“Tubesocks” is featured on the album “Kickinit Alone” on Leaving Records/StonesThrow Video by Ruff Mercy (Leaving Records, 2017)

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