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Bike OF The Day: 2018 Mongoose Title Pro XXL, Custom Complete (7 Photos)

The internet was buzzing with our recent post of the 2018 Mongoose Title Pro XXl! Mongoose has filled a void by making an affordable, entry level, BMX racing complete bike……but with a twist. The frames are actually high end!! So once a rider starts improving and will ultimately be in need of better parts they can do so while continuing to use the frame. Pretty awesome!!

So for today’s bike of the day we’re featuring Dewayne Taylor’s 2018 Mongoose Title Pro XXL all tricked out with high end parts!

Parts list:
Frame- MONGOOSE Title XXL (21.743″ Top Tube)
Fork- Answer Dagger race fork
Stem- Profile Racing PUSH STEM 58mm w/ Ti Bolts
Headset- Demolition
Bars- Standard Strip Bar 8.25”
Grips- ODI Longnec Lock On
Brake Lever- Shimano DX
Front Hub- Profile Elite Casette Ti- Button Head Bolts
Front Spokes- DT Swiss butted Stainless black
Nipples- Sampi aloy
Front Rim- Sun Rengle’ Envy
Front Tire- Vee Rubber Speedster 20×1.95
Brake Cable- Shimano
Seat Clamp- unknown
Seat Post- Shimano XTR 27.2
Seat- Tioga D-Spider
Brake- Shimano DX
Cranks- Profile Racing Elite Crankset
BB- Profile Racing Euro Outboard
Spindle- TI Madera GDH w/ TI Bolts
Spider- Profile Racing Spline drive
Sprocket- Profile Racing Elite Chainring 4 bolt 42T
Peddle- Tangent Sliver Platform (long pins out)
Chain- Shimano XT
Rear Hub- Profile Racing Elite (Ti- Driver 15t) Volcano Ti Bolts
Rear Spokes- DT Swiss butted Stainless black
Nipples- Sampi aloy
Rear Rim- Sun Rengle’ Envy
Rear Tire- Vee Rubber Speedster 20×1.95
Chain Tensioner- Profile Racing

“Here’s what I got going on my bike. This frame is the same frame that will be retailed below $289.99. I rode it and was stoked, I let a couple others give it a spin and all agreed that it’s a good feeling ride. Yeah I know my stem stack is tall but after back surgery you want to pull up as easy as possible (haha). I’m really excited that this bike when sold complete is going to be great for getting new and returning riders on the track. And yes the components on the complete will be low line (chromo bars, Fork, Cranks, exc.) to stay in the price range but the frame is where all the money went. There are a few being ridden now (The Shifty/LRC team And a few sprinkled threw out the Midwest) and no negative feed back yet. I’m really excited and the time could not have come at a better time, my son has been racing strider so going back to the track is now justifiable for me. And ridding Chromoly race bikes for so long, I really was going to give this new aluminum frame a good once over. But it feels great and have not had to really adjust anything since I put it together. I’m still tripping over the weight. I’ve never had a sub 20lb bike in my racing career. So super stoked on that.” ~Dewayne Taylor

We can’t wait to test ride this bike, this is great for BMX racing!!

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