2018 Mongoose BMX Race Frame

Mongoose To Unveil 2018 BMX Racing Frame At Pacific Cycle Media Event

For 2018 the folks at Mongoose are gonna really be getting back into the BMX racing game! A photo of Brian Baldis, director of product development holding what looks to be a pro sized aluminum 20″ BMX race frame have been spreading around the Facebook BMX world and it’s got everyone talking.

The Photo was from an article on Wisconsin State Journal website. There’s gonna be a big media event held by Mongoose’s parent company Pacific Cycles which is based in Madison Wisconsin where They’ll be Unveiling the 2018 line of Mongoose’s off road bicycles.

“Global retailers and distributors, niche media and some of the world-class athletes who ride the brand will converge on Madison for a taste of the culture that plays a role in the design and development of the dirt-focused line of bikes.

There will be group rides on the winding and undulating trails at Blue Mound State Park, spins around the Madtown BMX Track in DeForest and guided rides on one of the best public bike trail systems in the country.

Attendees will explore the city, the region’s dining and craft beer scene and take tours of Pacific Cycle’s Hammersley Road headquarters, adjacent to the Southwest Commuter Path’s bridge over the Beltline.” ~WSJ

regardless  of what you may think about Mongoose and the quality of their bikes, this sounds like it’s gonna be an awesome event! Definitely a great way to present the new line!

Mongoose will be expanding from four to eight BMX models due in part to it’s exposure to the Olympics and an increase of more organized racing leagues and events for youth.

The 2018 race frame is done in hydro-formed aluminum and weighs about three pounds. According to WSJ the frame will be used on BMX bikes that sell for between $230 and $250. Mongoose current 4 models are the part of their “Title” completes (picture below). The super affordable race bikes come a Jr, expert, “Pro” and Cruiser sizes.
mongoose title pro
We’re curious to see what sizes will be available for these new four 2018 models. At the $250 price point these bikes will definitely be for entry level riders but if the frame quality if good then all a rider would have to do is upgrade the parts and they’ll be in business with a better quality complete.

What we really like about the 2018 frame and the other Mongoose racing completes is event though they’re priced for the big box stores, they actually look like “Bike Shop” worthy bikes. The geometry on them look legit and they look well made.

We can’t wait to how far Mongoose is gonna get back into the racing side of things. Will they be sponsoring a team or a pro in 2018? We’ll soon see!

Read more about the Pacific Cycles/Mongoose event HERE

UPDATE!!!! We found out as we were typing this article that Dewayne Taylor is already racing with the new frame! It’s called the “Title Pro XXL” check out his instagram post below!!

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