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Box Components $80,000 BMX Racing Contingency Program

For the 2018 BMX Racing season Box Components will be continuing its $80,000 contingency program for Pro, Elite and Vet racers! The program which started in 2017 awards pros who finish in top podium positions and also ran select Box products in those top finishes.

“We are pleased to announce that Box Components will be extending the 2017 #Boxriders contingency program into the 2018 race season for ALL Elite (Men/Woman), A Pro and Vet Pros.
In 2017 we had 13 Riders take advantage of the bonus money Box offered, with a payout totaling a little over $15,000. If you race Pro/Elite and are NOT taking advantage of this program, you are leaving money on the table! To get in on the program, contact Phillip Maxwell at (714) 449-9197 or phil@boxcomponents for more details.”

We think this is an awesome marketing strategy to get the Box name out there even more than it already is. It also fills the void of BMX Racing Pro’s earning more money for their wins. The other part about the program that’s great is ANY pro, elite or Vet rider can get on it, you don’t have to be sponsored to participate. So that means for instance, you can be a non sponsored A-Pro, race any national, win and if your signed up with the Box Contingency program you can get more money on top of your winning purse. Could this be one of the things that bring more pros back to the sport?
Below is a break down of the payouts.
Box Components Contingency Program chart

Now there are certain criteria to qualify for the program which are listed below. Riders in the program need to be riding with these BOX parts when they win in order to quality for the payout:
Box Component Requirement:
-Handle Bar

(With proof of Pro License and pre approval by BOX Components some eligible athletes will be able to purchase products products via our “Industry A.P. Program”)

Other Requirements:
-BOX logo (patch) to be on upper part of jersey and at least one BOX Logo Sticker on racing helmet
-W-9 (USA Citizens) or W-8 (International Riders) on file at BOX HQ
-Invoice or packing slip in Athlete’s name for above products listed
-Picture of racing machine with BOX Components
-Contingency invoice within 30 days of each event finish
-At least one #BOXriders post on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) of the events finish success within 7 days
-All payments will be made via check in USD and sent via USPS
-Please contact via for more info

So if your a pro or are a fast expert thinking about turning pro, now’s a good time to get in the game and see if you can win some of that BMX contingency money!!

Who said there’s no money in BMX? 🙂

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