Boom Slang Kill Bill, Melvin Halsey Jr

BOOMSLANG (Kill Bill Edition) By Melvin Halsey Jr.

For our first amazing curated illustration of 2018 we came across this piece while browsing the Nubiamancy IG page. It’s and illustration of a character named BoomSlang and this is the “Kill Bill Edition”. The character is part of the Cottonmouth Assassination Squad and it’s inspired by the Kill Bill character Vernita Green played by Vivica Fox in the motion picture.

Vernita Green was a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and was involved with the the Massacre at Two Pines which caused her to be name on Death List Five for Beatrix Kiddo.

Beatrix Kiddo AKA The Black Mamba AKA The Bride played by the Uma Thurman in the film was famously known for wearing the all yellow jump suit when it was time to get her revenge! Her outfit was also inspired by the classic Bruce Lee film Game Of Death.

And now an updated version of that same outfit is bestowed upon BOOMSLANG but with a hipper, more street wear fashion vibe! The character is rocking a yellow long coat with not just one stripe but three stripes to match his Adidas slipon’s….it’s all about the branding ya’ll!! 🙂 He’s also rocking a tan, collared button up with a white T-shirt over it. To finish off his fashion forward style, the character is rocking two leather belt holsters for his two swords. As you can see BOOMSLANG is fresh off a kill with his bandages and ripped pants.

We love this the anime influence of this illustration as well!
boomslang, killbill
Now here’s another juicy detail about this character:

“Inspired by Kill Bill’s Character Vernita Green. The Cottonmouth Assassination Squad is a group of millennial assassins created by Vernita Green’s daughter.”

Now that would make a dope anime to continue the series!!

This amazing piece was created by Melvin Halsey Jr and colored by Arthur Hesli and it’s available as a print!! Visit for more details on how you can get a copy!

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