EPMD’s Erick Sermon Is Going Indie With Def Squad Records.

HipHop Legend Erick Sermon is working on a new album called “GO” which he’ll be releasing later this year.  The album will feature guest appearances from Pharrell, AZ, Redman, Too Short, Styles P, Ghostface Killah, Big K.R.I.T, Devin The Dude, Rockwilder, Rico Barrino and Kiiiiiiid Capri!! ;). The Green Eye’d Bandit will we releasing the album via his new independent label, Def Squad Records. That’s right Eric is going 100% indie with Def Squad this time around, where he’ll be putting out new artist and creating a video production arm with filmmaker Shock B.

To get his new album done and his label started, Eric will be doing a Kickstarter.

In an interview in with Rolling Stone Eric said “My goal is just for people to listen, and for people to see how dope the album is. My success for this album would be for people to like what they’re hearing. Having the Kickstarter means the people are actually gonna have this record and buy it and listen to it. That’s all an artist really wants: someone who checks out the product and enjoys what they’re listening to without all the politics of having to cut 10 singles or pay for radio. I really hope that fans will feel that the album has great music and a great sound. The most important thing is the conversation. Hip hop records gave you a conversation and made you aware of what’s happening in the world at this present moment.” 

He also released a video detailing his Kickstarter which featured a few guest appearances and a sample of his new single “Come Thru” which features Craig Mack(OH SNAP!!!), Mr. Cheeks and Method Man.

“Kickstarter is a great way for the fans to help me build this label from the ground up and put out new great talent like I always used to do,”

“To be able to collectively have a house of my own music and let the fans be part of something great.”

~Eric Sermon

This is Dope!!!

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