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Dane Anderson, Dane Design Stems Out Of Australia

Australian BMX racer Dane Anderson, has recently started manufacturing and designing product BMX products. He also started his own company Dane Design. The Geelong Australia based company enters the component game with two models of stems that are actually manufactured locally in Australia. One of the stem designs is a top load and the other is a front load. The front load has “Dane Design” etched in a script font style on the top of the stem. The top load stem has the “D’ logo etched on the top of the stem clamp.
dane designs front load stem bmx
Currently the stems will be available in 53mm, and 61mm sizes. Dane will also make custom lengths per customer request. The colorway options on the stems are brushed, polished or pewter. Nice!!
dane designs stem logo

As we all know a lot of parts come out of the same factory and have different brands etched/machined into them, then sold onto the consumer for top dollar, plus, the fact that Australian consumers are opting to buy overseas rather than sourcing parts from local retailers. Manufacturing in Geelong has dwindled down since the closure of the Ford factory, and I wanted to contribute to bringing work into local manufacturing, and helping the #ridelocalbuylocal initiative. All material and labour is sourced locally. I have had the idea of manufacturing parts for a long time, mainly because I found it hard to find parts that would suit my needs – e.g. stems. I had discussed this idea with some buddies and it stayed as an idea for quite some time. It wasn’t until I suffered my latest injury that I decided it was time to act. ~Dane Anderson

dale designs top load stem polished
Dane Design first started with a 61mm front load stem, that was specific to what I wanted to ride. It then grew to making stems to suit other riders and adding a “custom length” option. ~Dane Anderson
dale designs bmx top load stem

Find out more about Dane Designs on BMXUltra.com

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