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The Messenger – Black & Clear Editions by Kano

Designer toy maker brand Munky King will release “The Messenger” figure designed by kaNO on Friday February 2nd at 3 PM (PST) via their website Only 50 pieces of the clear 6.5″ resin figure will be available for $200. The amount of the Black Resin Vinyl figures that’ll be available have not been released yet. They will be selling for $50.
Messenger, Colin Kaepernick, resin figure
About “The Messenger”
MATERIAL: Crystal Clear Resin or Black Vinyl
HEIGHT: 6.5 inches

Colin Kaepernick, the messenger, clear resin

Football players often take a knee when someone suffers a severe injury on the field. An enduring expression of empathy amidst the combative intensity of the game.

Colin Kaepernick, the messenger, clear resin

Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem in solidarity with African American victims of police brutality. His call for empathy was met with angry vitriol from a polarized society. His message co-opted by powerful interests to serve their own agendas.

Kano kid Messenger black vinyl figure

But his call for social justice endures through the iconic image of taking a knee – a solemn testament to the injury of those denied the equal humanity which lies at the core of America’s ideals.

Colin Kaepernick, the messenger,black vinyl figurre
A portion of the sales from both versions will be donated to Know Your Rights Camp, a charity founded by Kaepernick which empowers youth and prepares them for interactions with law enforcement.

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