Chad Kerley Is Boss Level Status In 2018 Haro BMX Street Edit

Whenever pro BMX street rider Chad Kerley drops a new edit we have to stop what we’re doing and watch it immediately because we know it’s gonna be nuts! Well….His new 2018 Haro edit is way beyond nut!! This dude is Boss level good in this edit!! Chad has some epic nose wheelies to make you want to hang your bike up and quit…..or inspire you to step your skillz waaaaaaaay the hell up!!! You nuff said just feast your eye’s on this!!!

Chad Kerley sets a new standard for himself with this flat out amazing street edit for Haro BMX. People are picking their jaws up off the floor after watching this edit so don’t wait another minute, hit play and find out why!” ~Haro Bikes

Filmed by Christian Rigal
Edited by Christian Rigal
Music – Sugar Candy Mountain
Song 1: Windows
Song 2: Change
Album: 666

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