Chrome Dima 2.0 black black0

Chrome Dima 2.0 Performance Cycling Slip On Sneakers

Chrome Industries have a fresh set of performance cycling slip on sneakers called the Dima 2.0 and we’re loving them! The kicks feature a contoured, impact resistant PU Footbed for comfort, Chrome’s “PowerPlate” propulsion shank, Chrome’s signature reflective heel for night visibility and an Antimicrobial sock liner for odor resistance and wearing without socks….But you should really put on socks… nasty! ūüėČ
Chrome Dima 2.0 black white sneakers
The upper is constructed from a 12oz fire hose canvas and the sole is made from vulcanized rubber.
Colors available are Black/Black, Black/White and White/Gum
Chrome Dima 2.0 white sneakers

With the Dima 2.0 we took the original idea of a performance-focused slip-on and dropped in our Chrome PowerPlate‚ĄĘ shank to give you more power on the pedals. With a tweaked fit and vulcanized rubber sole its tough enough to stand up to anything the streets can throw your way.~Chrome

We’re curious to see how these sneakers respond to flat pedal BMX racing activities? Sounds promising!
Chrome Dima 2.0 black black kicks

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