flip it 1905 beat

“Flip It” by 1905 #HipHop Instrumental

We’re diggin the chillhop vibes of “Flip It”, crafted by 1905. The jazzy piano sample, boom bap drum pattern and thick bass make this a nice treat for the ears. Flip it is featured on the HipHop instrumental album “2 Days” by 1905. The album is full of sample driven, chill, jazzy boom bap beats.

Heavily influenced by graffiti and hash oil, 1 9 0 5 pushes beats through a sampler, the same one he has previously digged with the pope. On day 1 he created a joint and it became light. On day 2 he did this f*****’ tape. The rest of the week he just chilled. ~ XQRSNS Records

flip it 1905 beat

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