Sareem Poems & Ess Be “Way Up There” (feat. Sean C. Johnson)

Sareem Poems dropped another banger with “Way Up There”! We’ve had this one on repeat all day!! This Is HipHop!

“As a lead in to their next Illect Recordings album release, Sareem Poems & Ess Be collaborate with Sean C. Johnson on “Way Up There”.

Sareem shares, “Way Up There is a song about not allowing anything to steal your joy. There are so many things that can bring you down. Focusing on the positive or the brighter side of things can be very difficult to do sometimes.”

He continues, “I’ve purposefully put myself in this head-space. It’s the best habit I’ve ever had. Many thanks to Sean C. Johnson. He came through and executed the hook perfectly.” ~Illect Recordings

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