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Kareem Idris -Unsung Heroes – (Ft. Tony Imax, Clever One)

Philly based emcee Kareem Idris linked up with Tony Imax and Clever One for a display of tight lyricism on “Unsung Heroes”. It’s one of the gems featured on Kareem’s album “The Year In Color: Book 1​-​Presented To The Drum”.

The beat features a dope piano/bass/horn sample loop wrapped around a classic break beat crafted by Amen. THIS IS HIPHOP!!

About “The Year In Color: Book 1​-​Presented To The Drum”:
“The presentation to the Drum is from the ceremonies that the newly initiated priest must undergo. The newly initiated priest must first be presented to the drum (“Anya”, which is an Orisha ) before attending Bimbe’s and Tambors (spiritual parties held for the Orisha to bring blessing to the community and individual(s) responsible for hosting the bimbe/tambor in honor of the specific Orisha(s)). This Album is Book One of Three that span the process that follows “The Year In White” for the Iyawo.”

We give thanks to The God, The Ancestors, The Orishas, Our Teachers, Spiritual Family, and our loved ones, Relatives, and Friends. We pray that this Album impacts all who listen in the healthiest of ways and that it assists all those who listen to be the greatest versions of themselves that there is to be. We Repel and block unhealthy energies and forces from utilizing this compilation of Art for other than it was intended. May this Album bring and maintain light, and as my Teacher “Wandering Feather”(Ibaye) would say, “Be Played in Good Health”!

Check out the album stream below or CLICK HERE to find out more about Kareem Idris

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