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Menardo Simon’s Top 5 Things About Mullaly’s & Brooklyn Pump Track

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We’ve been following Menardo Simon’s BMX racing career for years and whenever he’s on the track he puts in work in the highly competitive A pro class. But it’s not all work for this talented rider, Menardo still knows how to have fun on his bike between his big Nationals and rigorous training schedule.

I recently took Menardo to two of NYC’s hottest spots to ride, the legendary Mullaly Bike Park in the Bronx and Velosolutions Brooklyn Pump Track. He was shredding at both spots doing some sick turndowns, tuck no-handers and straight up flowing. We also found a spot in Queens that had a nice graffiti wall for us to get that fresh photo above. I did a quick Q&A with Nardo to find out what he thought about the spots. Check it out below.

Menardo Simon


I race A Pro

4.Current Race Bike?
Cult race frame

5.Current street/park/trail bike?
Cult Dak Roche

6.Top 5 things you like about Mullaly’s?
(1) I love the scene at Mullaly, it’s so diverse.
(2) I’m not from NY, but I grew up a Yankees fan so it being right at the stadium is dope to me.
(3) It’s a Bikepark. So you don’t have a bunch of skaters or scooter kids all in the mix.
(4)Park has mad flow
(5) Gettin busy on the box jumps!

7.Top 5 Things you like about Brooklyn Bike Park?
(1)The location is dope being right on the river
(2) I like that anyone can pull up, rent a bike if they don’t have one and have fun. It’s good growth for the sport.
(3) It’s setup for all ages and skill levels. You can really develop some bike control there
(4) Hitting the hip never gets old!
(5) The vibesss aka ladies are all over that place!

8.Favorite trick that you can pull off
Favorite trick I can pull off would have to be turndowns

9.Favortie trick that you can’t pull off
I wish I could nose manual haha

10.What spot would you like to ride that you haven’t already rode at?
There’s a couple spots I haven’t been to that I really want to hit up like LES skatepark, Highbridge, and the Brooklyn banks are legendary so I definitely need to touch ground there.

11.Any shout outs?
Shoutout to my man Al Cayne for the interview!

Follow Menardo on IG @nardoxrides

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