Video: Playtime Edventures, Kevin Gatlin

Playtime Edventures Toy Fair 2018

We caught up with Kevin Gatlin, Owner/creator of Playtime Edventures at Toy fair 2018! He’s been doing big things with his Playtime Bed Sheets. Playtime Edventures have been featured on numerous TV shows including Good morning America and the Playtime Bedsheets are found in 10 different hospitals!

About Playtime Edventures:
Because of space, my wife would use our son’s bed as a desk but it wasn’t until I visited a friend whose son was sick in the Hospital did I realized that there was very little stimulation for kids confined to their Hospital beds and rooms!

So, with the help of passionate teachers, parents, and kids we created Playtime Bed Sheets. Playtime Bed Sheets extended the play area of the room and provided kids a place where they can play, learn and sleep! We quickly realized our Playtime Bed Sheets and Slumber Bags was exactly what the Doctor ordered for kids everywhere! Playtime Bed Sheets & Slumber Bags boost over 50 interactive fun games for everyone to play, learn and sleep on! ~Kevin Gatlin

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