Ancient Chinese Imperial Armored, DC Heroes & Villains

Imagine your favorite DC comic super heroes and villains were dressed in Ancient Chinese Imperial armor. That’s just what Toy Tokyo owner Israel “Lev” Levarek had on display at his booth at Toy Fair NY.

Ancient Chinese Armored batman, superman

Each DC character had their native costume colors combined with the armor of Ancient Chinese imperial bodyguards, soldiers and generals. We did some Google searching and found that the armor designs were most likely inspired from the Han, Qin, Ming and Song Dynasties.

Chinese Armored joker, harley quinn

After we first looked at the figures and picked up our jaws from the floor, We just assumed that the statues were probably made from vinyl, resin or plastic. But they’re actually constructed from ceramic.
We also didn’t bring a tape measure with us to get the figures actual but the figures look like they stand at around 18 inches tall. As you can see, we weren’t given many details on these figures ūüôā

superman, batman, robin, flash, chinese armor

The figures will debut in Bejing, China exclusively some time April. There’s no confirmation on a release date in the states.

For more info visit

Below are some more photos from the Toy Tokyo Booth at Toy Fair NY.

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