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Yess BMX Innovates Again With The 20os20

The folks at Yess BMX innovates again with the 20os20 frame! Over the last year os20 bikes and upgrades have been gaining popularity among the BMX racing community. Os20 is a slightly bigger wheel diameter than the standard 20″ wheel but it’s not as big as a 22″ wheel. Os20 is also not big enough to be considered a “cruiser” size so you can race a os20 size bike in class which is for 20″ BMX bikes.

The reason for the os20 rise in popularity is because it’s more stable, smoother and less “Twitchy” than a standard 20″ bike. But the bike still feels and performs more like a 20″ bike than a 22″ or 24″ bike.

So in comes Yess BMX taking it a step further with their 20os20.

“Behold our newest concept build: The 20os20 bike. What is the idea behind this? The smoothness of the os20 steering with the gearing/tire/rollout selection of any standard issued 20! Don’t try to retrofit your regular 20″ bike as this frame was purpose built without messing around w/ your BB height or headtubes angle!” ~Yess BMX

Pretty awesome!!

There’s no release date set for the frames yet but it’s already causing a buzz. Follow Yess on their Instagram page @Yess_BMX


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  1. When are you guys going to stop playing with our emotions and release some of these epic frames you’ve been touting for so damn long! We are dying! I’m ready to buy now! At least tell us when you’re going to release the 20 in os20. Or at least tell us when you’re going to release the os20/24.

  2. It’s funny because I’ve always ran a bigger front tire(20×2.25) and smaller rear tire(20x 1.75) on my bikes since the 80’s. Nowadays it a 1.90 front(Only because that’s the biggest Vee Speester I can find) and 1.60 rear. So it’s basically the same concept…..

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