Black Eyed Peas – Be Nice (feat. Snoop Dogg)

So there’s this show on NBC called Songland and features undiscovered songwriters who pitch their original creations to superstar recording artists and a panel of chart-topping music producers in hopes of creating the artists’ next megahits. The new Black Eyed Peas song “Be Nice” is the end product of a song discovered on the show. Hey you can can’t beat positive vibes over a fun beat. We need more positiveness and good will in the world so we’re all for it.

The video concept was cooked up by Will and director Kevin “NoMSG” Chao.

The original song was made by Adam Friedman. He appeared on the Songland with his catchy “Be Nice” tune and Will I Am was blown away. It was fun watching the segment and seeing how all the panelist got into the song and started vibing out. It’s a part of the creation process that people rarely get to see.

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