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Making It Over Jump #8 @Cunningham Trails

So the crew at Cunningham Trails finished a new set of doubles in the jump line making that 8 jumps in total. The line is getting more fun with each addition and number 8 is the most challenging of all of them. This past weekend was the first time everybody got a chance to really start riding #8. It takes a little work to get the right speed to over jumps #6 and #7 to hit #8 but once your in pocket you can clear it pretty easy. After hours of riding the jump line I finally took the camera out and got some fun footage of the squad clearing #8.

This was one of the best sessions of the season. So many awesome people came out to ride, I was having so much fun riding, digging and kicking it that I didn’t as much footage as I normally do. I did get some good photos though. Check out the gallery below.

For more info on Cunningham Trails Click Here

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