Marlon Craft – Do The Work – (Dirty)

Marlon Craft spits some heavy bars on this joint “Do The Work”. Please give this one a listen and pay attention to those bars. The beat was crafted by Marco Polo.

“DO The Work” Lyrics:

“I don’t wanna do the work, i could turn off my cable, stop the fables but I ain’t tryna do the work I could give away my clothes and pick like fives shirts but that’d change the way i view my worth/ and i don’t wanna do the work, don’t wanna make a change could move all my money into a bank that don’t invest it into oil into weapons into tanks but i might have to walk farther to the atm for change/ and yo I ain’t tryna do the work, homie I could keep it vegan but f*** free range I need free-range feasting on anything need my dollar fries and i won’t apologize I’m tryna economize and I ain’t tryna do the work/ i could go to community college stay my ass out of debt be hellbent on pursuing knowledge do me some fellowships find a route that don’t cost so much but i need the best four years now even if all four suck/ yo its complicated i could learn bout your people’s history and bout all the rights that were confiscated from you, i could understand my privilege consider it daily but see i won’t cuz that would so require me to face these/ insecurities, and i don’t wanna man its work to me I’m tryna chill, what is this surgery, homie pass the blunt see I could smoke less, but then I’d think more and i ain’t hopeless, i just think you’re / a little immature if you think i could make a change i’m just tryna make some change homie i ain’t tryna do the work i’ll make a Facebook status when i want to be heard I ain’t do the research to back it up ain’t no goofy nerd here/ i could be kind to folks i could volunteer i could block time out time each week to contribute to all the neighborhoods i live near, but i ain’t tryna do the work I’m just tryna party dab milly rock and do the jerk/ i could move to a city contribute to culture but I ain’t tryna do the work, ain’t tryna get to know ya rather vulture what i want and drive the prices up thank god they put these high rises up/ cuz I ain’t tryna do the work, and police brutality’s wack but I don’t got time for a protest, sons of anarchy’s back and I’m tryna watch it, could stand up to my white friends on topics and try to reframe their optics but i don’t wanna do the work/ it’s hard its taxin’ searching for the facts and retracting the past and accepting I’m walking on the backs of mad peoples who laid the tracks for me I’d rather have a brew and do all the things that i wanna do, who the f*** are you/ to tell me otherwise, I’m not a bad man don’t make me feel this way, i ain’t ask for this, don’t wanna do the work but don’t call me passive s***, I could fight but my ambition a pacifist/ I could respect women I could assess her soul first and her ass second, ask questions I ain’t tryna do the work though, i could appreciate her strength instead of letting it make me feel weak and inhumane/ but i ain’t tryna do the work, homie i got pain too I was raised a certain way too, I’m ashamed too I know deep down that i was gave too much but if I admit it then i don’t know how to face you/ so i don’t wanna do the work i protect my own feelings and i watch you get hurt cuz there’s nothin I can do, there’s nothin I can do that I can add, but there’s just so much that I can lose. lose” ~Marlon Craft

There’s nothing better than thought provoking HipHop.

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