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Extreme Toys Epic MTB & BMX Playmobil StopMotion Video

Back in 2014 the folks at Xtreme Video posted an epic stopmotion edit featuring Playmobil toy figures shredding on BMX and mountain bikes. The video featured the figures doing all kinds of crazy stunts and it looked so legit. The camera angels were spot on to what an actual edit would look like. They were doing freeriding, downhill,, dirt jumps and street. It will have your scratching your head trying to figure out how it was all put together.


Karim Rejeb creates extreme sports stop-motion with playmobil characters, in this episode the playmobil riders explore the Mountain Bike & BMX world, ridden on mountain trails and unpaved environments. PRODUCTION: Xtreme Video. STOP MOTION: Karim Rejeb ~Xtreme Video

I know we’re almost 6 years late on posting this video but it’s new to us and it’s so worth watching again! 🙂

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