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B.O.T.D. 26″ 2015 P.K. Ripper Eddie Van Halen Tribute

Today’s Bike Of The Day is a SE Bikes P.K. Ripper, Eddie Van Halen tribute! Eddie Van Halen is the iconic songwriter, guitarist and founder of the group Van Halen. The colorway of the bike is inspired by Eddies legendary Frankenstrat Guitar.

eddie van halen se bikes PK ripper

What makes this Bike of The Day so special is today is actually Eddie Van Halen’s birthday. This awesome bike was sent to us from Rick Hector and he tells how the build came together .

Se Bikes EVH PK Ripper


“Original owner Doug Swenson, Douglas Design of Colorado did the EVH striping and graphics layout and original build.

Doug Swenson & Rick Hector
Doug Swenson & Rick Hector

I received the bike in the early summer of last year and the mods began with a collaboration of friends that consisted of some of the best in our BMX community. Kenny Lund of Phenomenon Designs, Howell, N.J. did the custom SE and Skyway EVH- striped graphics decals and concept.

eddie van halen BMX tribute bike

Michael Gamstetter of Forty-four Sixteen design, Costa Mesa, CA. did custom 80’s Haro replica numberplate.

Eddie Van Halen Haro numberplate

Mike Siregar at HB Custom, CA. made all vinyl embroidered custom pad cover set from Rick Hector Fine Art concept drawings.

Se Pads Eddie VAn Halen custom

Bret Schroeder at Willinois BMX products custom cut VH dice valve caps.

VAn Halen BMX valve caps

Skyway Probars are USA made by Hall of Famer Greg Esser, courtesy Ed Ferri private collection.

Skyway Pro Bars Eddie Van Halen BMX

All other additional components including Redline Flight cranks supplied by PlanetBMX. Final build performed by Breithaupt-era, SE Racing legacy rider, John Hutelin.” ~Rick Hector


2015 26″ P.K. Ripper no. 11/250 & Landing Gear forks hand- striped by Doug Swenson @ Douglas Design

Pk Ripper Eddie Van Halen bmx frame forks

26″ SE Racing custom rims and hubs from Todd Lyons garage

Sun white wall tires MCS red plated axle nuts

Custom cut VH valve caps dice by Willinois

ACS headset

SE stock stem hand pinstriped by Doug Swenson

USA OG Skyway Probars by Greg Esser

5150 Haro replica EVH numberplate by Michael Gamstetter @ Forty-four 16 Design


ODI Mushroom II grips with EVH donuts

Tektro brake

Custom embroidered EVH pad covers by Mike Siregar @ HB Custom and Rick Hector Fine Art

Custom graphics concept decals by Kenny Lund @ Phenomenon Designs

Stock SE 27.2 fluted post

Origin8 Uno-S saddle

SE donut clamp

SE spider chainring and sprocket

KMC red and black chain

Redline Flight Cranks 180mm with Custom channel decals


SE Racing Santa Cruz red Xpedo pedals 9/16

Box One Tensioners

Follow Eddie Van Halen on his official Instagram page and tell him happy birthday!

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Submit Your Bike!

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