@SaRocTheMC – Hand of God (Official Video)

Whenever Sa-Roc releases new music, we stop what we’re doing and check it out. One of thee dopest emcees in the game, Sa-Roc mic skills and thoughtful lyrics. Sol Messiah always supplies her with a fire beat to accompany Sa-Roc’s impeccable delivery. This is “Hand Of God”, nuff said!

About Hand Of God:

Following two successful singles, “Forever” and “Goddess Gang”, Sa-Roc returns with “Hand Of God”, the new single which acts as a bridge to her upcoming Rhymesayers debut album!

“The premise of the song is based on this idea of having to prove authenticity to a world where artifice is so prevalent, while simultaneously proving to yourself that your integrity will remain intact, and you’ll stay truest to yourself.”– Sa-Roc

Hand Of God Lyrics:

LYRICS: My mic is like my only highlight in my life some days. I testify in two 8s like saints on Sundays. Cuz I been through the sewage and come back unfazed. Now my music’s my temple of worship, so come praise. Now let me reintroduce myself, I’m Sa-Roc. They call me Red or shawty for short on my block. Ain’t have no bread, fam kept me fed on Garvey and Gil Scott, so I’d keep a real shot. Now I’m trigger happy, busting too often from my esophagus. Offering my soul up in every verse from my consciousness. See, DC made me but I’m bigger than a metropolis. Super Manifesting my lane from crib to sarcophagus. I ain’t gon lie, lil recognition would be dope. Cuz I be channeling just like a Panasonic remote. The ghost of my past demanding to hide my every quote. Until the truth saves my future just like a antidote. Hand to God.

This ain’t never easy Hope that you believe me Cuz I don’t have a reason To ever tell a lie to you, rather say goodbye to you, baby (2x)

I tried to tell you was an alien once or twice. I guess 10 albums of evidence just did not suffice. This world don’t fit me, I’m wearing it like a faulty size. But I still slay every space I’ve been known to occupy. Spewing ink on this 8 x 11, they call me octopi. But most of my lines don’t see light of day like they Dracula. Been so afraid that my honesty would get me ostracized, cuz I can’t prove this shit to you. Bruh, I’m just hypothesizing. And I know one thing for sure, they ain’t looking for authentic. Homie, all these rappers is plastic and freshly augmented. Seem like real shit off the table, unfamiliar off limits. All my views is super Black like the windows is all tinted. That’s my truth, I don’t deny you yours. I’m tryna leave a hip hop classic, bomb your train of thought like Style Wars. With stories of how I earned these stripes we’ll call that tiger lore. Legend of beauty and beast- an internal dialogue. Hand to God.

This ain’t never easy Hope that you believe me Cuz I don’t have a reason To ever tell a lie to you, rather say goodbye to you, baby (2x)

They ask for more, I told em sure. Let’s see, who am I? First, I’m extraordinary, more than meets the human eye. And that’s not arrogance. It’s more like I’m exhuming pride. They tried to bury my self worth and call it suicide. I object. I came too far and fought too hard to be a prior threat. There’s clear and present danger lurking in my dialect. And turbulence in every piece that I ain’t fired yet. I’m peaking, I’m Mt. Zion. Holy shit, it’s prophesied I guess. Like I wasn’t ‘posed to make it past the 1st year. Now I’m in the twin cities rocking pink coats of cashmere. Y’all don’t make this album fly, I’m thinking bout jetting-that’s Lear. But I got in the game to make some kind of change-cashier. So what do you suggest? Should I walk it out? Get 3 stacks on the track? One more Outkast to talk about? I’m on my own path, have no other plans to stalk your route. So I’m gon leave this here. Dope artifacts from Roc. I’m out. Hand to God.

This ain’t never easy Hope that you believe me Cuz I don’t have a reason To ever tell a lie to you, rather say goodbye to you, baby (2x)


Directed & Shot by: Tommy Nova Creative

Directors: Sol Messiah & Sa -Roc Gaffer: Sean Cokes

Edited By: Tommy Nova


Written by Sa-Roc Produced by Sol Messiah


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  1. Yo it hit all the emojis. I hit why because why is this not on the radio
    Certified dopemess and is on the list to be blasted in the tahoe..word life

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