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Tim Watson Talks About Kool Stop @Cabda East

Tim Watson of Kool Stop showed me all the bicycle brake treats that he had on display at CABDA East 2020. The brand has been making some of the best brake pads in the industry decades. They make BMX specific pads, MTB and road specific pads and they also make disc pads.

Tim Watson,Kool stop

What really blew my mind was Kool Stop’s new Tire Bead Jack! The Bead Jack is an articulated tool, for installing really tight tires. The articulated end uses the rigid piece against the rim edge as a fulcrum while the hinged end lifts the bead up and over the opposite edge of the rim…….MIND BLOWN!!! Game Changer! Nuff Said!

The bead Jack, kool stop
The Bead Jack

Kool Stop is also making replaceable vintage insert brake pads of all types. And they’re still making the classic Vans rim brake shoes!

For more information you can visit their official website or follow their IG Page

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