Street Wars


STREET WARS – Yoda & Darth Vader 80’s HipHop Steeze

Thailand based artist and art-toy maker Fatoh recently released images of his Street Wars figures. This new collection of his puffy jack series features resin action figures of VaderRoyal Guard and Yoda.


The homie Vader is representing that 80″s HipHop style with XXXXL tripple goose , extra puffy, down jacket. He’s also rocking a dooky gold chain around his neck.

Yoda Street Wars Jackets

Yoda is looking like he was the Jedi behind Run DMC’s management team. He’s sporting the classic Kangol bucket hat, a black puffy down jacket and of course a dooky gold chain.

Street wars Giant Jackets Royal Puffy

The Royal Guard is rocking an all red puffy jacket too.

Each figure comes in the traditional card packaging. DKE Toys  has released  the Street Wars Trio as a 3-figure set for $200/set. Whoa!!! To purchase, You can contact them via DM on Instagram.

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