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Brad Simms Is Now Riding For Fit BMX

Pro BMXer Brad Simms has always been a sick rider. His technical street skills on a bike are at boss level. Well this year Brad has been going ham on his Instagram page posting banger after banger. All this shredding and and crazy buzz that Brad has been getting has led him to finally sign on with a brand. Brad is now riding for FitBikeCo, Congrats bro!

Brad Simms has been in beast mode for the better part of the last two decades and we’ve talked to him off and on for the last 10 years about being on FIT. Well sometimes timing is everything, and finally the stars have aligned. A rider of Brad’s caliber shouldn’t be a free agent… but sometimes it takes a minute to GET in where you FIT in. We’re ecstatic to finally welcome Brad to the Fit Family… can’t wait to see what we cook up.


This Is Just A Sample..

Just one of many insane Instagram clips of Brad Simms getting busy!! Dude is a beast!!

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