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CURBS Part #4 (Social Distancing Edition)

I finally hopped back on the bike for another installment of CURBS! On this one I put a set of Graphite Skyway Tuff Wheels on and rode around to hit some curbs and a few other spots. It was so much fun being able to ride with the road virtually empty.

You know I like to keep things basic when it comes to doing tricks on the bike. It’s keeps things more relatable to the average viewer. My goal is to show the more tangible side of BMX and inspire new riders to try new things. Most of the stuff i was doing was old trick though LOL!

Some of the spots I hit up was Nassau Colosseum, Roosevelt Field, Eisenhower Park And by Nassau Community College. With everybody still in the house mostly. Now is the best time to go out and ride! Let’s Go!

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