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CURBS #5 “BMX Cruiser” Edition. Sugar Cayne Frame

On my latest installment of CURBS, I took the 24″ Anniversary bike for some shredding. I got a little bit more creative with my curb endos and started doing combos. I also found some great curbs and other concrete lips to boost off of. Just like my other installments I kept the riding raw, fun and tangible. There is so much fun you can have on a BMX bike even if you can’t do all the popular and extreme tricks.

sugar cayne bmx cruiser

There’s is a real lack of BMX content featuring 24″ cruisers. Those bikes are a lot of fun but they do get neglected when it comes to edits and exposure. I love riding my SugarCayne 24″ and I’ll be making more edits with it to represent for the 24″ BMX.

sugar cayne 24 pro xl

Let me know what you think about CURBS 5 in the comments below.

Filmed & Edited by: Crazy Al Cayne
Music by: Crazy Al Cayne

sugar cayne cruiser pro xl

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