MonoNeon Plays His Bass Guitar Over Madlib’s ‘Fallin’ & It’s Fire!

Popular bassist Mononeon posted a video of him jamming to MAdlib’s “Fallin” instrumental. Dude was jamming, lounging and wearing a wild outfit lol. I want to see more of this, he’s sick with the bass.

About Mononeon

MonoNeon, is a bassist, experimental musician and songwriter. He is known for his presence on YouTube playing bass guitar and known for being one of the last people to work with Prince. It was his eclectic artistry on the bass that first caught Prince’s attention in 2014. Mono and Prince performed a number of concerts at Paisley Park, and also recorded and release the track, “RUFF ENUFF.” MonoNeon was the last bassist Prince hired before he died. MonoNeon has become known for his speech to music multitracking videos and compositions. MonoNeon also played with Grammy Award-winning R&B artist, Ne-Yo, on his fourth studio album. He is a native of Memphis, Tennessee.

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