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2020 POV Tour Of Cunningham Jump Lines x Pump Track

I took a POV tour of the 3 sections in Cunningham trails for BMXers and Dirt Jumpers. I hit the jump line which features 9 progressive dirt jump that are great for any intermediate to pro level rider to get busy on and keep your skills sharp. That section also features a great line for kids to learn how to jump and progress. There’s always great vibes and awesome riders there.

I also went to the pump track which is another awesome sport for skills development. The pump track is super fast and it’s great for riders of almost any skill level to enjoy.

And lastly I went to the Jet Line which is the downhill jump line on the other side of the park. It needs a lot of work and rumor has it that it will be getting worked on this season.

If your look for somewhere to ride while we wait for the BMX tracks and Mountain Bike Parks to open. Come out the Cunningham trails for some fun.

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