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Homeboy Sandman – Extinction – Are Any Cool People Still Alive?

One of my all time favorite emcee’s, Homeboy Sandman has a song on his upcoming album “Don’t Feed The Monster” called “Extinction”. In the chorus HS poses the questions, “Are any cool people still alive? Or is it all the cool people have died? If all the cool people have gone, When will the new cool people be born?”. I was hooked after hearing that lol. And yes HS delivered with is provocative verses too!

don't feed the monster, homeboy sandman

On the production side of things, Quelle Chris crafted a dope unorthodox beat that only Homeboy Sandman can fit perfectly with his delivery and bars. Speaking of Quelle Chris, he’s becoming one of my favorite producers/emcee’s these days. I can’t stop listening to his album “Innocent Country 2”

Homeboy Sandman’s album “Don’t Feed The Monster” drops October 16th!

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