BMX Celebrity Nigel Sylvester Signs With Specialized!

nigel sylvester

BMX pro/celebrity Nigel Sylvester recently posted on Instagram about his new sponsorship with Specialized Bicycles! Nigel posted some images and video clips of his riding Specialized MTB’s. He even had a Specialized MTB featured in a recent Coach 2020 Winter Outerwear Campaign ad. Yes folks he’s doing partnerships with luxury brands like Coach all from riding BMX.

But the burning question about Nigel’s Specialized sponsorship is, will they be making BMX bikes again? Back in the day(1996-2008) Specialized was making some sick BMX race and freestyle bikes. They also sponsored a bunch of legendary BMXers like T.J Lavin, Christophe Levêque, Chad Kagy and more. It would be cool if they got back in the BMX game or at least did a limited run of an updated S-Works Hemi race frame. 🙂 Either way I’m looking forward to see what Nigel and Specialized will be cooking up! Stay Tuned!

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