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Fun Session At The Jetline in Cunningham Bike Park, Queens

I’ve been doing a ton of digging at the Jetline in Cunningham Bike Park and I also spent a ton of time on my computer doing edits that my BMX skills have started to dwindle. So I promised myself to get more riding in. This was my first day back really going in at the trails. No digging just riding….and a little filming too lol. I can’t help myself 😉 It took a while but by the end of the day I was feeling good on my 20″ again.

Big shoutout to Justyn, Nico, Franco, Juwon, Tim and Chung for the cameos! Also huge shout out and thanks to C.L.I.M.B. for all the work they do to build, maintain and lobby for MTB/BMX trails on Long Island!

I’ll be doing more of theses types of edits in the near future. Stay tuned.


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