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John O Raps About His Ups And Downs In That’s Life Music Video

My dude John Ollie AKA John O of the Gecko Brothas just dropped the official video for his single “That’s Life”. It’s an introspective song about John’s life struggles. In the first verse John reflects on his ups and downs as an artist in the music business. In the 2nd verse John talks about his struggles as a single dad but he also talks about his love for his son. On the last verse John reflects on his relationship with his son’s mother.

John commissioned me to shoot the video a few months back. We linked up and went to a few spots in city to capture the visuals and vibes. Of course John brought his little one with him to the shoot which was perfect. I think having the two of them interacting and going to different places in the city is as real life as it gets. Speaking of life’s ups and downs, while we were shooting this video in the playground somebody actually stole John’s cell phone. There was barley anybody in the park so John put his phone on the bench. We were so focused on filming that we didn’t see that somebody was jacking his phone. That was some real life Sh** for real.

Dreamlife beats crafted the beat and the hook was nicely sung by Breana Marin. Shout out to Delaware Brown Media Studios!! They edited the footage and did a great job of putting it all together.

“That’s Life” is featured on John’s latest album “Lawton: Tha New Chapter”

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