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Pat Casey Defying The Laws Of Gravity In Dream Yard 4

Mongoose BMX pro Pat Casey has one of the best backyard ramp setup on the planet. He just released his fourth installment of his Dreamyard series. Casey back yard is full of sick lines ad he goes all in with nothing but bangers! This video got me hyped!!

What started in 2013 as a “basic” backyard ramp has grown in stages over the years: a massive set of trails were added in 2015, the ramp was boxed in and nearly doubled in size in 2017, and now, the ramps have evolved yet again. At nearly 10,000 square feet, the new additions include a truly daunting line that wraps around the entire structure—and an open loop. The one and only Dream Yard is bigger and better than ever, so watch as Pat breaks in the latest additions as only he can…

~Monster Energy

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