Gold Cup, Kingston NY – BMX Racing Over 40

More BMX Racing Over 40 action during the Gold Cup Qualifier at Kingston Point BMX in NY! I wanted to get some POV race action so I signed up to race cruiser class. I got to race my dudes Andy Limjoco and Mike Duke. I filmed the rest of 40+ Novice, intermediate and expert motos and mains. I also have footage of all the Pro-AM races and a lot of the other main event races. It was some good fun racing going down for sure!

CLICK HERE to see all the results from the Kingston Gold Cup Qualifier.

Photo Gallery:

Feel free to share the photos in the gallery. Be sure to tag us when you repost them @SugarCayne on IG @SugarCayne1 on Facebook or @CrazyAlCayne on all platfoms

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