Jonas Brother Practicing BMX, Nick Jonas Falling During BMX Race.

By now you’ve probably heard about Nick Jonas’s big crash on the Olympic Dreams special on NBC. The Olympic Dreams special pitted the Jonas Brothers against each other in three Olympic sports with BMX Racing being one of them. The brothers only had one day to train for their race on a BMX track……..That was the first mistake lol!! During the race Nick had little control over his bike and when he pedaled out the first turn, the back came from under him.

It was cool to see Alise Willoughby as their coach but there’s not enough one day coaching in the world that’s gonna get an adult with no experience ready for a race. She called it when she said “I feel like the heat of the battle could get the best of one of them”. And On A Side Note, Alise should’ve felt those vibes going into her Semi’s at this years Olympics when in the heat of the battle, Alise took both herself and Saya Sakakibara out.

As you can see in the behind the scenes footage below, these guy’s weren’t ready. They should’ve have them training for a month prior to filming before they raced. But it was good to know they did more training than what was shown on the actual show. You can see how squirrelly the brothers were just standing up and pedaling the bikes especially when they were going between the cones.

I would love to see a legit, full BMX racing TV series done with a few athletes and celebs. Hopefully this may lead to one. Big shout out to the Jonas Brothers for giving BMX racing a try.

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  1. I think Alise’s crash might be worthy of a remake of abc’s wide world of sports opening and closing. In case you don’t remember the wide world of sports on the abc network, it was (at the time) the only sports show (before ESPN) that showed all different kinds of sports other than baseball and that other ball game and in the intro & outro there were some wicked sick crashes like this one skier that never seemed to stop falling down the mountain going over jumps and everything else that was in his way and somehow didn’t get as twisted as it was looking.

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