bmx cycling in NYC


BMX Cycling Through Manhattan And A little Bit Of Brooklyn

I did a ride through Manhattan and Brooklyn for some fun POV action . It was a little windy that day so it was hard to keep manuals up but I got a few good ones in. Sprints felt hard riding against that wind so I didn’t get a lot of clips of me really sprinting. This is just a few highlights from the ride with a little commentary. You know I had to bring out the Sugar Cayne By Nature bike! This bike rides so good in the streets, it’s hella fast!

My Bike:

  • Sugar Cayne 24″ BMX frame (Sugar Cayne By Nature Prototype #1)
  • Supercross BMX Massive handlebars
  • -Speedline Forks
  • -Speedline Carbon Rims
  • -Supercross Hubs
  • -Yellow 14g spokes
  • -Supercross Stem
  • -Intense Micro knobby tires
  • Truth BMX Seat Post clamp
  • -Speedline Seat
  • -Speedline Seat post
  • -Speedline Cranks
  • -Speedline Pedals
  • -Speedline Headset
  • -Truth BMX headset spacers
  • -Supercross Bottom Bracket
  • -Insight Chainring
  • -Insight Chain Ring Bolts
  • -GT Grips -Tektro Brake Kit

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  1. Between almost getting crushed, almost clipping countless mirrors, endless fools in your way…. And numerous other heart stopping moments- your Crazy – (pun totally intended). This vid is sick and really well done, almost gave me a heart attack but really well done. I think this is the only time you’ll ever see massive bars thread a needle.🤙🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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