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SE BIKES VW Is Getting Made Into Hot Wheels Toy!!

SE Bikes brand manager Todd Lyon’s posted a sneak peek photo of the brand’s iconic VW as a Hot Wheels toy!! Yep!! Soon in the near future you’ll be able to pick one of these up at you local toy retailers!! NICE!! I hope the guys from 3DBotMaker get their hands on one and put it in their scale model racing series! Stay tuned!

I started working on this Hot Wheels project for well over a year ago. Stoked that it’s gonna hit the market soon! Shoutout to Damon Dayton & his SE VW Bus or making it all happen.👍🏽 I remember calling Damon and telling him that Hot Wheels wanted to make a die cast replica of his SE VW bus. He was like NOW WAY! Yes way. This will be available in stores very soon. “We Make it Happen”🏆

~Todd Lyons

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