sndtrak flips hiphop instrumentals

SNDTRAK – Flips V1: Triple Lindy – FIRE HipHop Instrumentals!!

Oakland, California producer SNDTRAK dropped this fire HipHop instrumental album called “Flips V1: Triple Lindy”! This dude took some of the most popular songs and samples and approached them all in a new and fresh way. You won’t be able to guess where he take all these joints, he literally do a triple lindy flip production wise on these. Not only was the creativity level on 1000 but all these beats bang hard! I don’t even want to do any spoilers you just have to listen to it.

Following his 2021 debut And Then There Was Light, this time around
‘Trak lays his eyes on the classics, and, as the title implies he disintregrates each, then taking the pieces and arranging them into a carefully curated collection of slaps.


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