superplastic superjanky art toy

Fashion Accident – Def Beat – Superjanky 8″ Art Toy By Janky

Superplastic’s Janky dropped a new art toy called “DEF BEAT”! It’s the latest in his series of FASHION SUPERJANKY figures!! “DEF BEAT” is 8″ tall and features those useless glasses with three beams going where the actual glass is suppose to go. He’s also rocking some yellow vintage headphones with antennas on them. A random paddle for smackin, camo tee, dookie chain and some no name kicks! It’s not hard to guess why it’s called Fashion Accident lol!!

superjanky defbeat art toy

This is piece is limited to 1,555 pieces and will retail for $110 each. Better get one quick since it already dropped on Thursday.

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