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Vin Rock And Kay Gee Get Their BMX Bikes At UBS Arena

I recently dropped off the production model Sugar Cayne x Naughty By Nature BMX frame and Sugar Cayne x Illtown Sluggaz BMX frame to Vin Rock and Kay Gee at UBS Arena! They were getting ready to perform at one of their many stops on the New Kids On The Block Mixtape Tour! This was the first time the guys got to see Kay Gee’s Naughty By Nature 26″ all built up. Both bikes came out looking amazing and everybody was loving them.

These limited edition frames will be available on The Slugga Store by late July!! We also have 20″ expert size Naughty By Nature and Illtown Slugga frames dropping at the same time. I’ll keep you posted when we get closer to the release date.

Also in the video, I follow Vin Rock around and got a behind the scenes look at the tour.

The New Kids On The Block Mixtape Tour is still going on. CLICK HERE for the remaining tour dates!

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