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Illustrator Moni Halo At Urban Action Showcase

Moni Halo, urban action showcase

Artist/illustrator Monique Cheri AKA “Moni Halo had a booth setup at the 3rd annual Urban Action Showcase & Expo to display some of her awesome artwork. Crazy Al Cayne stopped by her booth for a quick interview to find out more about this talented artist.

About Moni Halo:
“A dreamer and self-expressionist, Monique has always had a vivid imagination. Laced with wild colors and out-of-the-box ideas, she knew from an early age that art was her calling, She would be plunged into a world of bolt yet endless creativity. A world she would craft into her own.
With her love for design,anime, comics, cartoons, and video games (as well as an affinity for all things cute and Hello Kitty), these have become her muse. An eternal inspiration. By toying with both digital and traditional techniques, she allows her ideas to come to life on a dull, blank canvas. A sea of bright hues and unique concepts propel her to create works both pleasing to the eye and mind, with a little story behind each one.”

moni halo 2

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