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Shield Of The Interceptor #3

shield Of the interceptor 3

Writer JayDee Rosario of Unstoppable Comic is working on completing issue #3 of his comic Shield Of The Interceptor and it’s looking great! He recently started a kickstarter campaign to get this installment completed.

About Shield Of The Interceptor:
“Interceptor was a former athlete known as David Flynn whose career was tragically cut short. Searching for a new path in life he was led to the isle of Avalon where he found the shield known as Prydewinter. With the help of the Lady of The Lake and Queen Titania, Interceptor uses the shield to defend those who can’t fight for themselves, but the mystery of why he was drawn to the shield constantly plague his mind. What secrets are being held by Queen Titania? Will revealing them cause Interceptor to lay down his shield, or will it make him a stronger hero that he can ever imagine?

Interceptor first appeared in Stormchasers #5, as part of a new group of heroes introduced in that issue. Unstoppable Origins #1 would touch upon his past and lead to him finding the shield Pryewinter, with a brief explanation of it’s ties to the sword Excalibur. Shield of the Interceptor allows our hero to explore the mysteries of Avalon but still keep a foot in the world of super heroics.

Shield of the Interceptor #3 is a 24 page, standard size full color comic book. “

About The Creative Team

The writer of Shield of The Interceptor #3 is JayDee Rosario, he has written other issues for Unstoppable Comics such as Dragonstorm, New York vs. The World and The Stormchasers. The artist on Shield of The Interceptor #3 is Andres Barrero, his prior work for Unstoppable Comics can be seen in New York vs. The World #1. Coloring the book is Michael Summers and he has colored approximately 95% of all the books from Unstoppable Comics. Finally the kickstarter variant is by Bruno Cotic

Find out more about this Kickstarter HERE

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