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Oddisee – You Grew Up – (Official Video)

oddisee, you grew up


Oddisee – You Grew Up – (Official Video)

Oddisee does it again with another masterfully crafted social commentary wrapped in HipHop form with “You Grew Up”! It’s a song that delves into how a persons up bringing and life experience bring them to who they currently are.  In this case Oddisee covers the topic of what leads a person to grow up into a killer. The animated video accompanying the song perfectly depicts the stages of change in 3 individuals life from childhood to adult. One being a a kid who grows up to be a cop turned murderer. The other kid grows up to be a terrorist and lastly the 3rd kid being Oddisee himself who grows up to be the artist who he is now with it finishing with him on his latest album cover “Iceberg”

“I’ve always attempted to see polarizing issues from both sides. Being angry at the end result of a problem is the easiest thing to do. Having an understanding for why things are they way they are requires a level of sympathy I wish society possessed. If we tackle issues from the root, perhaps we as a people can be more effective in solving them. Giving context to how an officer would shoot an innocent person and showing how we’re indoctrinated into our beliefs and biases could possibly inspire new methods to deal with them.”



Directed & Animated by Eugene & Louise
Eugene and Louise are a Belgium based creative studio, founded by the happy husband and wife team Glenn D’Hondt and Sylvia Meert. They focus on illustration, character design and original content. For animation and motion graphic projects They work with a selected team of freelancers. Ketnet, Ikea, Orange, Telenet and The Washington Post are only a few of Eugene & Louise’s featured clients.

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