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“MF Duff”, MF Doom Figure By Trap Toys

mf duff,

We love HipHop inspired toy figures and Trap Toys is always creating some cool treats. One of our favorites is their “MF DuFF” character. It’s inspired by Duffman and MF Doom! Duffman is the mascot and spokesman for the Duff Beer company on The Simpsons cartoon. MF Doom is a legendary Underground HipHop artist that every real HipHop head should already know about.

“MF Duff” takes Doom and makes him the new Mascot for Duff beer. Inspired by his classic “All Caps” music video, DOOM is up dressed in a green tank top with green shorts. The green hat and green cape are inspired by both the “All Caps” Doom and Duffman’s cap and cape. The gloves, boots and beer can belt are also taken from Duffmans costume.

Not only is the figure a collectible but the packaging is also a dope collectible with it’s Simpsons inspired art style. We love the gust appearance of Quasimoto on the back cover.

This piece is done in Collaboration with Bnardartwork. Also featuring artwork by 45rpm, Worthy Enemies, Dan Evans & Richt.

MF DUFF is a limited edition of only 100 plus 30 ‘Duffman’ colorway variants.
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Comments to “MF Duff”, MF Doom Figure By Trap Toys

  • Kendall J. Seuss

    Ummm, guest appearance by Quasimoto? That was a joke, right?

    • Nope, do you know who Quasimoto is? Did you look at the back cover image?

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